Can you believe it – two years have gone, and my tenure as president of the IING is coming to an end.

What an interesting and exciting journey it has been!

Being part of the IING for ten years, I have seen firsthand how this Institute has stood up from the ground, from being almost closed down to an Institute standing strongly and proudly.

Many thanks to everyone involved in making sure this Institute continues the journey of giving back to the insurance industry of Pretoria and the North.

The industry is nearing crossroads. About 11 years ago, I did a presentation where the subject and the first line was titled ‘Adapt or Die.’ There is no other choice than to adapt.

Where do we go next?

We need to get young people interested in our industry - not by chance, but by desire. Graduate programs, making secondary school learners aware of our industry, and promoting the industry at all levels are only a few ways to mention.

Then we need transformation. Transformation is not only about race, but it is also about proper change. Change in how we portray the industry, change in how we nurture young talent, change in how we deliver our services to our clients, and change in how we treat each other.

We also need to start sharing knowledge, collaborating, transforming insurance from a perceived grudge purchase into an industry assisting our clients with protecting what is important to them, and also educating them about proper risk management.

As my time as president of the IING is coming to an end, I will be embarking into finding ways for young people to enter our industry. Collaborating with the IISA and other Institutes will be critical. Many corporate members already have graduate programs, but we need to implement this also at smaller, independent levels.

In short – let’s get young people into the industry. Let’s educate them on the insurance principles and let’s mentor them. We also need to give them the ability to innovate and transform this industry into a noble cause of educating our customers. When the unforeseen happens, we will be there for the customers – helping them get back to business.

I am looking forward to the next two years where I can concentrate on building a proper graduate program at the IING. I have a dream - seeing a financial body, in South Africa, with so many risk managers and so many underwriters taking this industry to the next level.

For those of you who are going on leave, please be safe. Have a fabulous festive season and come back in 2019 energised!

Keep well,

Anton Coertzen