I would like to thank all the members and committee for their confidence in me to lead the IING in the next chapter and to head up an amazing committee team who have proven their intuitiveness and adaptability in one of the most difficult and uncertain events to have faced modern mankind.

Not since World War II has the entire planet rallied together in the fight against one common enemy, Covid 19. An enemy that quickly forced the world into finding new ways to operate and communicate, and to embrace technology like no time before.

The committee quickly sourced alternative distribution methods to continue to bring content to our valued members and assist them with their CPD requirements. With the highly appreciated donation of the use of facilities at no additional cost, we were able to present digitally to our members and non-members content of value at no, or very low costs. On the back of the successful implementation last year, we aim to serve our members further this year by presenting more CPD accredited sessions, we have already planned a number of sessions, and are open to further ideas, presenters and concepts for additional sessions for our members.

Our primary objective this year will be the ongoing education and professional development of our industry members, and if at all possible we would love to do some of the normal itinerary items that our members used to enjoy, and offer the opportunity to once again network in person. The committee will continue to monitor the situation in our region and act responsibly for the safety of our members in all decisions pertaining to the various sessions pre-planned for the year and will communicate the decisions timeously to our members.

I look forward to my tenure as President and trust that we will continue to provide our members with a valuable service and platform for continuous development and industry networking opportunities.

Adrian Burmeister