We presented a successful third RE 1 & RE 5 Information & Preparation Session at the King Price offices in Pretoria on 16 October 2017. We had great feedback on both the workshop and the facilitation.

As a result of continued requests, the first session for 2018 will follow early in the first quarter of 2018. Details would be communicated on the Insurance Institute Northern Gauteng website.

Mike Pierce welcomed the delegates at the workshop and extended our appreciation and gratitude to Fatima Maharaj from Learnon for a very well executed facilitation.

Fatima welcomed the candidates and explained the examining bodies the four levels of difficulties:

(1) Knowledge, (2) Comprehension,(3) Application and (4) Analysis for KI

Mock exams questions were provided to the candidates.

Participants could also log in to the website to practice before writing exams.

Special thanks to Mike for welcoming the participants and for King Price for their facilities.

All of the best for everyone who still needs to write the examinations!