The mission of The Insurance Institute of Northern Gauteng is to maximize contact and interaction with of the Insurance Industry:


  • To be an association not for gain, established to serve the best interests to the insurance Industry and it’s suppliers in Northern Gauteng.
  • Our primary goal is to provide an exciting and successful networking environment for the employees, intermediaries and suppliers of the Insurance Industry in our area of jurisdiction. 
  • The IING, in its revived form, intends to reach its objectives as set out later, regardless of stumbling blocks or negative feelings from any possible source.
  •  The IING intends to return to its previous excellent and successful style and structure, and to keep it intact for the future
  • Ensuring quality education to insurance students that will allow them to provide optimal financial advice and care;
  • Continually providing education and training to the financial services Industry, to meet the needs of the changing insurance environment;
  • Promote a learning environment with professional development, training, mentoring and continuing education.
  • Continual interaction and communication with the IIG, IISA, FIA, UNISA and other relevant organizations.

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